Monday, February 27, 2012

Watchmen: Chapter II - Page 26


Panel 4:  “We never die in bed” is overlaid on the scene where the Comedian is sitting watching television just before he is murdered.

Panel 5:  “Some animal urge to fight and struggle . . .” not only refers to King Mob’s ape mask in this picture, but, more importantly, to the rape scene we see just off-panel – highlighting the Comedian’s “animal urge” and Sally Jupiter’s “struggle.”

Panel 6:  “Others bury their head between the swollen teats . . .” is a comment on the Comedian’s head falling into the picture of a nude woman – his head falling “between [her] swollen teats” as he is beaten.

Panel 7:  “. . .and the future is bearing down like an express train” is in reference to the symbolic torching of the United States when the nuclear bombs fly, which the Comedian was talking about when he lit Captain Metropolis’s map with his lighter in this flashback scene.

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