Friday, February 17, 2012

Watchmen: Chapter II - Page 16


Panel 1:  “Earth to Earth . . .” over Veidt’s head could symbolize his wish to save the “earth.”

Panel 2:  “Ashes to ashes . . .” over Dr. Manhattan’s head could symbolize his genesis, as his body was disintegrated into “ash.”

Panel 3:  “Dust to dust . . .” over Dreiberg’s head could symbolize the layers of dust on his Owl ship and accessories, and further symbolize the dust that has settled on his life since he gave up being a masked adventurer.

This homily running across panels 1-3 is also symbolic of the death of the costumed adventurer – which starts in the next panel during the police strike of 1977 and the subsequent passing of the Keene Act, which outlawed masked vigilantes.

Panel 4:  We transition into Dan Dreiberg’s flashback with the Comedian, taking place during the riots of ’77.  This scene occurs in the same intersection where a majority of the action in Watchmen happens, as we can see the Treasure Island comic store on the left and the ad for Nostalgia perfume on our right.  Below the Treasure Island sign we can see somebody spray painting the graffiti:  “Who Watches the Watchmen?” – which is never seen in its entirety throughout this series.

We also see the Comedian in his full mask for the first time.

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