Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Watchmen: Chapter II - Page 14


On this page, the Comedian – in his red, white and blue uniform – acts in a manner contrary to how any “patriotic” heroes such as Captain America and the Shield have been portrayed in comics.  But, he is emblematic of how America often handles itself in these smaller, “third-world” countries (believing the might of America’s military and economy trumps any third-world nation) and is emblematic of how many countries around the world view the U.S.A.

The use of reds on this and the following page by colorist John Higgins accentuates the fatalistic nature of this confrontation between Blake and the woman he impregnated while fighting in Vietnam.

Panel 6:  This is where the Comedian gets that terrible scar we see in issue #1, and is the reason he will adopt the full mask for the remainder of his career.

Panel 7:  Note the drop of blood over the right eye of the Comedian’s smiley button, just as it was when he was murdered.  Also, the Vietnamese woman’s slice along Blake’s face coincides with the bloodying of the button, as the right side of his face (same as the smiley button) is sliced open.

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