Monday, March 12, 2012

Watchmen: Chapter III - page 11


Panel 1:  Note that Jon is affixing the second cufflink that accompanied him on his teleportation from the military center.

Panel 2:  “Monsters from outta space” references the movie poster we see in the foreground for This Island Earth, in which aliens come to Earth in order to bring scientists back to their planet Metaluna and attempt to save it from destruction by their enemies.  This movie could serve as a metaphor for what Veidt is doing behind the scenes in Watchmen in order to achieve a very similar goal.

Also, if you look in the background and make note of Laurie and Dan’s body language, we will see this scene played out in a few pages from the point of view of the news vendor Bernie, who is in the background.

Panel 3:  It is interesting to note that those allied with the military thus far have been named after those who wield, or have wielded, the economic power in our country – Rockefeller Military Center where Dr. Manhattan resides and now this agent named Forbes.  It is an interesting commentary on where the power resides in our country.

“Play it cool” is humorous considering his pigment is blue, commonly associated with coolness – water and the sky being prime examples.

Panel 4:  “. . . and try not to get into any tight corners” refers to the image of Dan and Laurie walking into a dark alleyway in this panel.

Also note the graffiti in the background of the image: “Who Watches the Watchmen?” is just past the hand in the foreground, there’s an anarchy symbol, a militant feminism symbol, and the words [ca]strate [r]apist[s] below that, as well as a “Pale Horse” poster between the anarchy and feminism symbols.  Images of violence foreshadowing the scene that is to follow with Dan and Laurie.

Panel 6:  “That’s certainly dark enough for my purposes” is a commentary on the knot-tops deciding that the alley is indeed dark enough for them to follow and attack Dan and Laurie.

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