Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Watchmen: Chapter III - page 13


Panel 2:  The caption, “. . . keep it snappy” is read over the scene where Dan and Laurie initiate the fight with the knot-tops, surprising the punks and immediately getting the upper hand as Dan grabs one while Laurie efficiently breaks the arm of another.

Panel 3:  Nova Express was the paper where Janey Slater was telling her story earlier this issue. 

The color scheme of the reporter Doug Roth is purple and gold – Ozymandias’s colors – another visual cue that Veidt is behind this whole thing.

Roth’s line of questioning will trigger Dr. Manhattan’s exit from Earth – a major step in Veidt’s plan.

Panel 4:  Again, Moore & Gibbons play with the words and pictures:  the dialogue “I believe it was quite sudden and quite painful,” is played over another scene of Dan and Laurie’s fight, which is quite sudden and painful for the knot-tops.

Panels 5-6:  Doug Roth’s dialogue, “. . . in battles, conflicts, whatever it is you super-people do” carries over from the television studio to another scene where Dan and Laurie are doing “whatever it is [they] do.”

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