Sunday, March 4, 2012

Watchmen: Chapter III - Page 3


Panel 2:  When asked how the end of the world is coming along, Kovacs answers, “It’ll happen today.”  This foreshadows what happens to Dr. Manhattan later in this chapter.  And Kovacs’s inquiry, “You’ll keep my paper for me tomorrow?” is priceless, another look into his wounded psyche while also foreshadowing the very different “end of the world” scenario readers are about to experience.

Panel 8:  The figurehead of the wrecked ship, with the kelp across her eyes, almost looks like the visage of justice found in courthouses.  This could either be seen as ironic or cynical in reference to what this survivor has experienced thus far.

Panel 9:  His hands on the figurehead’s face is a visual transition to the next scene on

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