Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Watchmen: Chapter III - page 27


Panel 1:  The statement by Nixon to Kissinger that they want to be “somewhere else” when the nukes hit is read over another scene of Dr. Manhattan on Mars (somewhere else). 

Panel 2:  The bald man to Nixon’s left with the ball pipe of this world is G. Gordon Liddy, who – in our actual history – was one of the organizers of the Watergate burglaries that eventually led to President Nixon’s resignation in 1974

Panel 3:  More juxtaposition as the comment, “. . . that’s pretty breathtaking” refers not only to the destruction of the United States east coast as played out in the program Nixon’s advisors are running, but is also a comment on Dr. Manhattan’s ecstasy in this close-up as he looks up into the night sky on Mars.

Panel 4:  More radiation symbols, continuing the visual motif of this issue.

Panel 5:  “This is going to take some thinking . . .” is not only part of the nuclear scenario conversation in Nixon’s war room, but also a commentary on what Dr. Manhattan is preparing to do in this scene – sit and think.

Panel 6:  The radiation symbol motif in a sharpened close-up.

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