Sunday, March 25, 2012

Watchmen: Chapter III - page 24


Panel 1:  “. . . we’re all in big trouble” transitions from the previous page to a scene where Dan is sleeping with the shadow of Rorschach falling across him, not only commenting on the fact that Rorschach was able to get past Dan’s new lock, but also commenting on Dr. Manhattan’s departure, which Dan discovers in the following panels.

Panel 2:  The Gazette Rorschach drops onto Dan’s chest is yet another clue as to Rorschach’s identity.  This was the extra paper Kovacs bought at the newsstand. 

Panel 6:  Rorschach is talking out the case as he splashes some Nostalgia on.  He knows something out of the ordinary is going on, and that it’s all related.

Panel 8:  Note that Rorschach takes the bottle of Nostalgia from Dan’s vanity and puts it in the inside pocket of his trench coat.

Panel 9:  Rorschach says, “These days, nobody’s safe.”  This is a comment on the front page Dan is looking at (as well as the audience as we see this scene through Dan’s point of view) where Dr. Manhattan is screaming beneath the headline:  “Dr. Manhattan Leaves Earth.”

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  1. Nice, I missed the Gazette clue. Why does he take the Nostalgia? Is that cologne? If it comes up later never mind, but I was reading this tonight and was confused by that part.