Thursday, March 8, 2012

Watchmen: Chapter III - page 7


Panel 2:  The reporter says, “. . . we can stop here.”  This also refers to the image of Laurie exiting her cab in front of the Treasure Island comic shop, which is situated on this same intersection where all points converge.

Also, the Nostalgia ad above the shop again enhances the feeling of wishing to get back to simpler times.  This too, is from Veidt.

Panel 4:  Janey’s reply to the reporter telling her she would feel better once the paper went out that night because it will include the story for which she was just interviewed, is, “No . . . Some things, once they’re busted, they can’t ever be fixed . . .”  This is a commentary on her relationship with Dr. Manhattan as well as her untreatable cancer.  It also comments on Laurie, who is walking toward Dan’s apartment in this panel, and her now broken relationship with Dr. Manhattan.  And it also is a comment on the locksmith working on Dan’s door, which was kicked in by Rorschach, and foreshadows the fact that although Dan is getting a new lock, it will not be fixed as Rorschach will make his way in again.

Also of note is the name of the lock company – Gordian Knot Lock Company.  The legend of the Gordian Knot is associated with Alexander the Great, with whom Adrian Veidt is obsessed, and Alexander’s solution of cutting the knot in two with his sword rather than struggling to untie it is a classic example of lateral thinking.  This lateral thinking is what Veidt uses to conceive his plan, which he feels will save the world from nuclear destruction, but not without the death of millions.

Panel 6:  Janey’s remark that “it’s such a relief to talk to somebody” is yet another commentary on Laurie.  This time it signifies her need to come see Dan and talk to him about what happened and the turmoil in her life right now.

Also, the reaction by the locksmith to Laurie’s intrusion upon his work also foreshadows the ease with which Rorschach will enter Dan’s place after this new lock is installed, and the reaction this locksmith will no doubt have at learning the lock was broken again.

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