Saturday, March 10, 2012

Watchmen: Chapter III - page 9


Panel 1:  The steam from the coffee pot in the background is symbolic of Laurie and Jon’s relationship finally going “up in smoke.”

Panel 2:  Laurie’s comment about Jon regarding “[t]he way he looks at things, like he can’t remember what they are . . .” reflects directly upon the image in this panel where Dr. Manhattan is looking at Laurie’s bra in just this manner.  A following remark – “. . . to him it’s like walking through mist . . .” relates to

Panel 3:  with the steam blowing full-force from the coffee pot.  And the fact that this steam hides Laurie’s face in the picture is also accentuated by her remark, “. . . shadows in the fog.”

Panel 5:  Again, Moore’s & Gibbons’s subtlety is reflected in Laurie’s remark that she will “splash out on some overnight accommodation” over an image of Dan pouring the boiling water into a mug, splashing its contents over the lip of the mug.

Panel 6:  “Somewhere normal” is placed over this image of Dr. Manhattan’s clothes floating from the closet.

Panel 7:  Dan’s remark that he wishes Laurie would “drop in more often” is placed over him “dropping in” the single sugar cube he still has.

Panel 8:  “He doesn’t care how people dress” reflects ironically on the fact that Dr. Manhattan is dressing up for his interview – something he does not do except for official occasions such as this and the funeral in the previous chapter.  The manner in which he is dressing – the clothing floating all about him, placing themselves upon his body – is another symbolic visualization of his detachment from humanity.

Panel 9:  “Here’s looking at you, kid” is obviously taken from the movie Casablanca and foreshadows Dan and Laurie’s intimacy and relationship later in the book.

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