Monday, March 5, 2012

Watchmen: Chapter III - Page 4


Panel 1:  where we see Laurie’s face encompassed by Dr. Manhattan’s hands during an intimate moment.

The caption box from the “Black Freighter” says, “I could not love her as she had loved me,” which is a literal commentary on both the sailor from the comic and, more importantly, on the relationship as it now stands between Dr. Manhattan and Laurie.  Dr. Manhattan is so detached from humanity that he is unable to love Laurie in a manner she deserves, and certainly not in the manner she loves him.

Dr. Manhattan’s remark that “. . . we have plenty of time” is very true for him as he exists in all times at once, experiencing everything over and over again.

Panel 2:  Three hands?

Panel 4:  Again, Moore & Gibbons utilize a larger panel for emotional impact, psychologically urging us to linger on this image longer than the regular 9-grid panels.  This is the physical manifestation of how Dr. Manhattan is unable to connect with his “lover.”

Panel 7:  In the background, we can just see a third Dr. Manhattan.

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