Thursday, March 15, 2012

Watchmen: Chapter III - page 14


Panel 2:  Roth’s dialogue, “am I starting to make you feel uncomfortable?” plays out over a scene with Dan holding one of the bloodied gang members by the shirt collar while Laurie crushes the scrotum of another, the pain evident on the punk’s face.

This scene – the final part of their violent encounter – is awash in red.

Panel 4:  More text/image juxtaposition as Roth’s dialogue, “. . . from where I’m standing, it’s starting to look pretty conclusive” is a comment on the conclusion of Dan and Laurie’s altercation with these gang members.

Panel 5:  Although Dr. Manhattan can see all points in his life – past, present, and future – and has already experienced them all, he has no ability to change what happens, because – as I rudimentarily understand quantum physics – he is “in the moment” so to speak, even if he saw this moment twenty years in our linear past. 

Panel 6:  And again, “the show’s over” is a comment on the fact that the rest of the knot-tops have run off, leaving their fellow members lying in the alley as Dan and Laurie survey the scene.

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